Genus: Acadiella SUES & BAIRD, 1998
Etymology: Derived from Acadia, an old name for Nova Scotia.

Species: psalidodon SUES & BAIRD, 1998
Etymology: Greek, psalidion, the diminutive form of psalis, “clipper, scissors”, and Greek, odous, (Ionic variant odon), “tooth”, in reference to the trehcnhand crowns of the more posterior teeth.

Holotype: NSM 996GF69.1 (field number: F-1)

Locality: Evangeline Beach, north of Grande Pre, Kings County, Bay of Fundy, Hants, Nova Scotia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Evangeline Member, Wolfville Formation, Fundy Group, Newark Supergroup.


Age: Late Carnian, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Nearly complete right maxilla with attached fragment of jugal and, preserved in occlusion, partial right mandibular ramus with attached transverse flange of the ptyergoid.

Refered material:

YPM-PU 24510: Right maxilla, with an attachment fragment of the transverse flange of the pterygoid, and partial right mandibular ramus preserved in occlusion.

YPM-PU 24502: Poorly preserved dentary fragment.