Genus: Ambedus KISSELL & REISZ, 2004
Etymology: Latin, ambedo, "to nibble."

Species: pusillus KISSELL & REISZ, 2004
Etymology: Latin, pusillus, "tiny"; Tiny nibbler.
= Genus: Nova KISSELL & REISZ, 2003

Holotype: MCZ 9436

Locality: Clark Hill, sec. 16, Salem Township, Monroe County, Ohio.

Horizon: Eight feet below Nineveh coal Horizon, Greene Formation, Dunkard Group.


Age: Wolfcampanian stage, upper lower to lower middle Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Nearly complete right maxilla.

Referred material:

MCZ 9437: Poorly preserved maxilla.

MCZ 9438: Complete left dentary.

MCZ 9439: Anterior portion of right dentary.

MCZ 9440: Posterior portion of left dentary.

MCZ 9441: Poorly preserved dentary.