Genus: Anomoiodon HUENE, 1939
Etymology: Greek, anomios, “dissimiliar, unlike”: Greek, odon, “tooth”: Dissimilar tooth.

Species: liliensterni HUENE, 1939
Etymology: In honor of Hugo Rhuele von Lilienstern (1882-1946), German Paleontologist

Holotype: MB.R.3539B

Locality: Reurieth, near Hildburghausen, Thuringen State, Germany.

Horizon: Lower layer of the Chirotherium Sandstone.


Age: Middle Buntsandstein, Olenekian Stage, upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Partial skull and postcranium of a small individual.


MB.R.3539A: Partial skeleton on the same block as the holotype.

A) Lateral view of MB.R.3539B; B) Right lateral dentary; C) Left lower jaw (after Saila, 2008).

Attempted reconstruction of the skull.

Type and paratype skeletons.



Species: krejcii ORTLAM, 1967

Holotype: VH 5

Locality: Baugruber Kappler, Schillerstraáßáe, Pflazgrafenweiler, Blatt Altensteg, 7417, Northern Schwarzwald, Black Forest, Southern Odenwald, Baden Wurttemberg State, Germany.

Horizon: Horizon 5 (VH 5).


Age: Upper Buntsandstein, Uppermost Olenekian Stage, upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary dentary.