Genus: Anthracodromeus CARROLL & BAIRD, 1972
Etymology: Greek, anthrak- (anthrax), “coal”, Greek, dromeus, “runner”: Coal runner.

Species: longipes (COPE, 1874) CARROLL & BAIRD, 1972
Etymology: Latin, long, "long," and Latin, pes, "foot."
= Sauropleura longipes COPE, 1874
= Tuditanus longipes (COPE, 1874) COPE, 1875

Holotype: AMNH 6940

Locality: Linton locality (Coal mines originally owned by the Ohio Diamond Coal Company), NE corner Sect. 13, T9N, R2W, Linton near Wellsvile, west bank near mouth of Yellow Creek, Saline Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.

Horizon: Canneloid shale underlying Upper Freeport Coal, Allegheny Group.


Age: Upper Westphalian D, Lower Upper Silesian series, Myachkovskian stage, Upper Moscovian Epoch, Middle Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton.

Referred material:

CM 25282: 1 dorsal and 10 caudal vertebrae, caudal ribs, chevron bones, scattered ventral scales, and parts of the pelvic girdle and hind limbs.

HUREY, 2023

CM91532: Posterior skeleton with what apperas to have a partially regenerated tail.