Genus: Arganaceras JALIL & JANIVER, 2005
Etymology: In reference to the Argana Basin, Morocco, were the specimen was found, and Greek, kerastes, "horn"; in reference to the tubercules and dermal ornematation of the skull.

Species: vacanti JAILI & JANIVER, 2005
Etymology: In honor of Renaud Vacant.

Holotype: ARG 518

Locality: Tikida and Irehi Region, Morocco.

Horizon: Tourbihine Member, Ikakern Formation.


Age: Tatarian age, Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull.

Breakdown as follows.

ARG 518-1: Left nasal.

ARG 518-2: Left lacrymal.

ARG 518-3: Left maxilla.

ARG 518-4: Fragment of skull roof, partial left orbital, post-frontal, post-orbital, frontal and parietal.

ARG 518-5: Fragment of partial temporal, supratemporal adn left squamosal.

ARG 518-6, 7: Distal quadratojual.

ARG 518-8: Right maxilla.

ARG 518-9: Fragment of skull roof, supratemporal, and squamosal.

ARG 518-10: Postparietal in connection of the supraoccipital.

ARG 518-11: Left palatine.

ARG 518-12: Braincase.

ARG 518-13: Left exoccipital.

ARG 518-14: Right exoccipital.

ARG 518-15: LEft carre.

ARG 518-16: Epipterygoid.

ARG 518-17: Left paroccipital process.

ARG 518-18: Stapes.

ARG 518-19: Posterior right heimo-mandible, angular, surangular, prearticulars and articulars.