Genus: Baeotherates MAY & CIFELLI, 1998
Etymology: Greek, baios, “little or small”; Greek, therates, “hunter”, in allusion to the size and inferred habits of this reptile.

Species: fortsillensis MAY & CIFELLI, 1998
Etymology: In reference to a nearby U.S. Army post, Fort Sill, commonly used as the name of the site from which the type was collected.

Holotype: OMNH 55758

Locality: Fort Sill, OMNH Locality V51, Dolese Brothers limestone quarry at Richards Spur, Fissure Fills, just west of U.S. Highways 62 & 281, 10.5 miles south of Apache, 6 miles north of Fort Sill, SW 1/2, Sec. 31, T4N, R11W, Comanche County, Oklahoma.

Horizon: Willington Formation (Garber Formation), Summer Group, Arbuckle limestone, (Probably equivalent to the Arroyo Formation of Texas).


Age: Middle Leonardian stage, upper Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Partial right mandible.