Genus: Brouffia CARROLL & BAIRD, 1972
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Margaret Steen Brough, British vertebrate Paleontologist, who recognized the specimen in the collections of the Natural Museum in Prauge.

Species: orientalis CARROLL & BAIRD, 1972
Etymology: Latin, orientalis, "eastern, of or from the east."

Holotype: CGH III B.21. C.587

Locality: Nyrany (Nurschan), Plzen Basin, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Horizon: Gaskohl.


Age: Upper Westphalian D, Lower Upper Silesian Series, Desmoniensean, Upper Myachkovskian Stage, Upper Moscovian Epoch, Late Carboniferous (Late Pennsylvanian).

Material: Fragmentary skull and almost complete skeleton.