Genus: Bunostegos SIDOR, BLACKBURN & GADO, 2003
Etymology: Greek, buno, "knobby" and Greek, stegos, "roof'"; Referring to its identification as a pareiasaur and the knobby bosses that adorn the skull roof.

Species: akokanensis SIDOR, BLACKBURN & GADO, 2003
Etymology: In reference to the town of Akokan, Repubic of Niger, near the type locality and Latin, -ensis, 'place or locality'.

Holotype: MNN-MOR72

Locality: West of Arlit, 18°47'01"N, 7°11'49"E, Agadez Prefecture, Repubic of Niger.

Horizon: Moradi Formation.


Age: Late Permian.

Material: A nearly complete cranium that has been eroded ventrally.

Referred material:


Locality: The following are from sevral localities located approximately 20 km west of Arlitt, Agadez Department, northern Niger. The localities are within 1 km of each otehr and all fall within the upper one-third of the Moradi Formation. Detailed loclaity data are available to qualified researchers at the MNN or by contacting C.A. S.

MNN MOR22: Articulated pelvis an dpartial vertebral column wiht associated osteoderms.

MNN MOR24: Isolated left humerus.

MNN MOR25: Eroded braincase and palate.

MNN MOR 27: Articulated vertebal column wiht articulated right humerus, radius, ulna, and single metacarpal.

MNN MOR28: Weathered skull.

MNN MOR33: Right innominate.

MNN MOR34: Isoalted left ilum.

MNN MOR35: Fragmentary skull roof elements.

MNN MOR37: PArtial skull including snout, interorbital region, and posterior margin fo skull table.

MNN MOR 46: Isolated left ilum.

MNN MOR47: Partial skull wiht braincase exposed in left lateral view and associated cervical vertebra.

MNN MOR86: Nearly comlete skull, right scapulocoraoid, and two dorsal vertebra.

MNN MOR101: Isolated left postfrontal, right scapulocoracoid, right innominate, and dorsal vertebra.

MNN MOR102: Complete right scapulocoracoid.

MNN MOR104: Isolated nasal, interorbital skull roof, right ulna, isolated neural spine, and isolated osteoderm.

MNN MOR107: Left supratemporal horn, radius, 2 corpals.