Genus: Euconcordia REISZ, HARIDY, & MÜLLER, 2016
= Concordia MÜLLER & REISZ, 2005 2005 non KINGSLEY, 1880 (Concordia gibberosus Decapoda, Hippolytidae)
Etymology: Greek, eu-, "true" and Latin, concordia, "unity, agreement, harmony"; referring to the fact that the taxon finally corroborates the long held assumption that captorhinids must also exist in the Late Carboniferous.

Species: cunninghami (MÜLLER & REISZ, 2005) REISZ, HARIDY, & MÜLLER, 2016
Etymology: In honor of Christopher R. Cunningham, who studied this form as part of his PhD thesis on the Hamilton Quarry.
= Concordia cunninghami MÜLLER & REISZ, 2005

Holotype: KUVP 8702a, b.

Locality: Hamilton Quarry Locality, ca. 2 mi East of Hamilton, sec. 8, T24S, R12E, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Horizon: Calhoun Shale, Topeka Limestone, Shawnee Group.


Age: Virgilian, upper Stephanian, Upper Silesian Series, Gzelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).

Material: Dorsally preserved skull along with its counterpart, a partial ventrally preserved braincase.

Referred material:

KUVP 96164a & b (incorrecly listed as KUVP 96/95): Ventrally preserved skull and a thin poorly preserved dorsal counterpart.