Genus: Eumetabolodon LI, 1983
Etymology: Greek, eumetabolos, “changeable” and Greek, odon, “tooth”: Changeable tooth.

Species: bathycephalus LI, 1983
Etymology: Greek, bathys, "deep" and Greek, kephale, "head."

Holotype: IVPP V. 6064

Locality: Jungar Qi, Zhuengeerqi county, Inner Mongolia, China.

Horizon: Upper He-Shang-Gou Formation.


Age: Early Triassic.

Material: Skull and mandible.

Referred material:

V. 6065: Incomplete skull and lower jaw.

V. 6066, V. 6067: A damaged anterior part of a skulls.

V. 6068: Fragmentary right maxilla, right jugal, quadratojugal, quadrate, squamosal and right ramus.

V. 6069: A piece of left upper and lower jaw.

V. 6070: Fragmentary skull and lower jaw.

V. 6166: Anterior part of the skull and a small section of the left

V. 6167: Left ramus.

V. 6168, V. 6170, V. 6171, V. 6172: Fragmentary skulls.

V. 6169: Fragmentary left ramus.

V. 6173, V. 6174: Fragmentary right upper jaws.

V. 6175: Incomplete snout.