Gen. sp indet

PARDO & MANN, 2018

Locality: Lyell's Corner, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Joggins, Chignecto Bay, several miles of sea coast on the Bay of Fundy, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Old Forest Layer, Joggins Formation.


Age: Westephalian B, upper Westphalian, Middle Silesian series, Kashirskian Stage, Moscovian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).


Material: A series of vertebrae, interclavicle, humerus, femur, tibia, fibula and scales was originally described with 'Hylerpeton longidentatum' (Dentary), however, PARDO & MANN 2019 suggest these either belong to an eureptile, possibly Hylonomus or a recumbirstran.