Genus: Limnoscelis WILLISTON, 1911
= Limmoscelis BERMAN, REISZ & SCOTT, 2010 (sic)
Etymology: Latin, from limn-, and Greek skelis, schelis, "rib of beef."

Species: paludis WILLISTON, 1911

Holotype: YPM 811

Locality: El Cobre Canyon, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico.

Horizon: Lower Cutler Formation.


Age: Virgilian, Gzelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian.

Material: Skull and skeleton missing only the right foot and some of the left.

Referred material:

MCZ 1948 (Formerly YPM 809): Skull and fragmentary skeleton.


MCZ 1947 (Formerly YPM 819): Pelvis, femora and tail.

CU 650: Fragmentary skeleton.


MCZ 1949


Species: dynatis BERMAN & SUMIDA, 1990

Holotype: CM 47653

Locality: Near the town of Howard in the Arkansas River Valley, Fremont County, Colorado.

Horizon: Quarry in a 2-3 ft thick black shale in the Sangre de Cristo Formation.


Age: Probably Missourian, Lower Stephanian, upper Silesian Stage, Kasimovian Epoch? Late Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).

Material: Right premaxilla, right and anterior half of left maxillae, left posterolateral corner of skull roof table (portions of parietal, postparietal, tabular and supratemporal), right parietal, right squamosal with probable adjoining portion of quadratojual, left and right jugals, partial left quadratojugal, partial left pterygoid and fragment of transverse flange of probable right, quadrates, basiparasphenoid, otic-occiptal, sphenethmoid componets of braincase, partial dentarys, partial probable right angular, 26 vertebrae that include complete or portions of 2 cervicals, 8 dorsals, and 13 caudals of which there is only 1 isolated haemal arch, ribs including 4 complete or nearly complete cervicals, several incomplete dorsals, and 2 caudals, as well as fragments of many others, right clavicle, scapulocoracoids, right pelvis and disarticulated pubis and ischium of left, forelimbs include right humerus and partial left, right radius
and ulnae, hindlimbs include femora right tibia and proximal and distal ends of left and fibulae.


CM 27651: Associated partial left premaxilla, 3 parts of left dentary, right radius, partial left fibula, and 3 small bone fragments.

CM 47652: Associated left dentary and distal end of right tibia.