Genus: Obirkovia BULANOV & YASHINA, 2005
Etymology: In reference to the Obirkovo locality, Vologda Region, European Russia.

Species: gladiator BULANOV & YASHINA, 2005
Etymology: Latin, gladiator (a gladiator or a warrior armed with a trident).

Holotype: PIN 4546/18

Locality: Obirkovo locality, Babushkinskii District, Vologda Region, European Russia.

Horizon: Salarevo Formation, Vyatka Horizon.


Age: Upper Tatarian Age, Lopingian Subepoch, Zechstein Epoch, Late Permian.

Material: Left quadratojugal.

Referred material:

PIN 4546/3: Tooth.

Note: Tenatively referred to this genus.