Genus: Rhipaeosaurus EFREMOV, 1940
Etymology: Greek, Rhipaia, a mountain range in Hyperborea at the end of the Earth, in Greek, legend, identified with the Urals, and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Uralian lizard.
= Chudinoviella CHUDINOV, 1955
= Rhipeosaurus OLSON, 1962 (sic)

Species: tricuspidens EFREMOV, 1940
Etymology: Latin, tri, "three," Laitn, cusp, "pointed" and Latin, dens, "tooth."

Holotype: 164/2

Locality: Belebei locality, Belebeiskii District, Bashkortostan (Bashkiry) Province, Western Cisuraly, European Russia.

Horizon: Biarmian Series, Belebey Formation, Zone II.

Biostratigraphy: Ocher Faunal Assemblage, Ocher Faunal Subassemblage, Zone II.

Age: Upper Kazanian substage, Capitanian Stage, Middle Zechstein Epoch, Late Middle Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull.

Species: talonophorus (CHUDINOV, 1955)
= Chudinoviella talonophorus CHUDINOV, 1955

Holotype: 161/72

Locality: Shikhovo-Cherki, Slobodskoy, Kirov Province, Eastern European Russia.



Age: Kazanian, Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull.