Genus: Riabininus IVACHNENKO, 1990
Etymology: In honor of Anatolii Nikolaevich Riabinin, Russian Paleontologist.

Species: uralensis (RIABININ, 1915)
Etymology: In reference to the Ural Mountains.
= Naosaurus uralensis RIABININ, 1915
= Edaphosaurus uralensis (RIABININ, 1915)

Holotype: PIN 570/38

Locality: Pechora River, Komi ASSR, European Russia.



Age: Ufimian stage, Early Permian.

Material: Fragmentary dentary.

Referred material:

PIN 570/39: Permaxillary bone.

PIN 570/12: Contour of symphysis.


= Riabininus cf. uralensis IVAKNENKO, 2008b

Locality: Ust'-Koin Locality, left tributary of Vym’ River, 1.1 km below mouth of Koin River, Vychegda River Basin, Knyazhpogostskii District, Komi Republic, European Russia.

Horizon: Biarmian Series, Upper Kazanian Substage.

Biostratigraphy: Ocher Faunal Assemblage, Golyusherman Faunal Subassemblage.

Age: Lower Kazanian substage, Capitanian Stage, Upper Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zechstein Epoch, Late Middle Permian.


Numbers: Not given: