Genus: Sanchuansaurus QIN, 1988
Etymology: In reference to the Sanchuan (Three Streams) River, tributary of the Huan He (Yellow River), Liulin County, Shansi (Shanxi) Province, China; near where the specimen was found and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Sanchuan lizard.

Species: pygmaeus QIN, 1988
Etymology: Greek, pygmaios, "dwarf."

Holotype: IVPP V6723

Locality: Beigou village (Tianjialing Village?), near Weicun town, Liulin County, Shansi (Shanxi) Province, China.

Horizon: Lower part of the Shihtienfeng Formation.


Age: Changhsingian Stage, Upper Lopingian subepoch, Uppermost Zechstein Epoch, Late Permian.

Material: Right maxilla with teeth.


IVPP V6724: Femur.

IVPP V6725: Fibula.

LEE, 1997

IVPP V4016A-E: 5 islolated teeth from the upper jaw.

IVPP V4015A-d: 4 isolated teeth for the lower jaw.