Genus: Scoloparia SUES & BAIRD, 1998
Etymology: Greek, skolos, “thorn”, and Greek, pareion, “cheek”, in reference to the spinescent “cheek” region comprising quadratojugal and jugal.

Species: glyphanodon SUES & BAIRD, 1998
Etymology: Greek, glyphanos, “carving tool, chisel” and Greek, odous (Ionic variant odon), “tooth”, in reference to the chisel-like apical crests on the cronws of the maxillary and posterior dentary teeth.

Holotype: NSM 996GF83.1

Locality: From a beach outcrop on the NNW side of Boot Island, Bay of Fundy, Kings County, Nova Scotia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Evangeline Member, Wolfville Formation, Fundy Group, Newark Supergroup.


Age: Late Carnian, lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Incomplete, dorsoventrally crushed skull with articulated mandible and nucal “shield” of ostoderms.

Refered material:

NSM 996GF70.1: Left premaxilla.

NSM 996GF71.1: Partial right dentary.

NSM 996GF72.1: Right maxilla.

NSM 996GF75.1: Partial right dentary.

NSM 996GF76.1: Jaw fragment.

NSM 996GF78.1: Articulated left premaxilla and partial maxilla.

NSM 996GF79.1: Jaw fragment.

NSM 996GF80.1: Right maxilla.

NSM 996GF81.1: Left premaxilla.

NSM 996GF82.1 (field number F-420): Incomplete skull and mandible preserved in occlusion with articulated string of poorly preserved vertebrae and associated fregments of limb-bones.

YPM-PU 20588: “Cheek” spine cluster.

YPM-PU 23544: Partial left mandibular ramus.

YPM-PU 24500: Almost complete left mandibular ramus.

YPM-PU 24501: Partial right mandibular ramus.

YPM-PU 24503: Maxillary fragment.

YPM-PU 24504: Articulated right maxilla, “cheek” region, and mandibular ramus.

YPM-PU 24505: Anterior portion of the right dentary of a tiny individual.

YPM-PU 24506: Fragmentary bones including a parital right maxilla with attached portions of ectopterygoid and pterygoid.

YPM-PU 24507: Posterior end of left maxilla with attached ectopterygoid.

YPM-PU 24508: “Cheek” spine cluster of a very large individual.

YPM-PU 24509: Skull fragments.