Genus: Thelerpeton MODESTO & DAMIANI, 2003
Etymology: Greek, thele, "nipple" and Greek, herpeton, "creeper or crawler"; inspired by Broom's 1905 nomen Thelegnathus, which means 'nipple jaw'.

Species: oppressus (GOW, 1977) MODESTO & DAMIANI, 2003
= Thelegnathus oppressus GOW, 1977
Etymology: Latin, oppressus, “suppressed; surprised, captured; crushed.”

Holotype: BP 155

Locality: The farm Hugoskop, Rouxville District, Free (Orange Freee) State, South Africa.

Horizon: Burgersdorp Formation, Tarkastad Subgroup.

Biostratigraphy: Cynognathus zone.

Age: Spathian Stage, uppermost Scythian Epoch to Anisian Stage, lowermost Mid Triassic Epoch, Early to Middle Triassic.

Material: Nearly complete skull.


BP 4586: Small skull.

BP 4584: Fragmentary skull.