Genus: Aenigmastropheus EZCURRA, SCHEYER & BUTLER, 2014
Etymology: Latin, aenigma, "enigmatic" and Greek, stropheus, "vertebra": in reference to the allusion to the problematic taxonomic history of the holotype.

Species: parringtoni EZCURRA, SCHEYER & BUTLER, 2014
Etymology: In honor of the British paleontologist Dr. F. R. Parrington for his contribution to the understanding of Permo-Triassic amonites and his discovery and initial description of the holotype specimen.
= ?cf. Archosaurus PARRINGTON, 1956

Holotype: UMZC (University Museum of Zoology), No. T836:

Locality: Locality B35, Ruanda, Manda-Songea road, Songea District, Ruhuhu Basin, South-western Tanganyika, southern Tanzania.

Horizon: Usili Formation (formerly the Kawinga Formation), Songea Group.


Age: Middle-Late Wuchipiangian, Middle Late Permian.

Material:5 imperfect vertebrae, probably anterior dorsals, distal half of humerus, proximal end of ulna.