Genus: Asperornis NESBITT, BUTLER & GOWER, 2013
Etymology: Latin, asper-, "rough" and Latin, oris, "face."

Species: mnyama NESBITT, BUTLER & GOWER, 2013
Etymology: Swahili, mnyama, " beast."

Holotype: NHMUK PV R36615

Locality: U9/1, drainage of the Hita River between Njalila and Hiasi rivers (exact locality not known), Ruhuhu Basin, Songea District, southwestern Tanzania.

Horizon: Lifua MEmber, Manda Beds.


Age: ?Late Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Lower Middle Triassic.

Material: Incomplete skull; much of right maxilla, nearly complete right premaxilla, much of the right nasal, ventral process of the postorbital, right prefrontal, right frontal, right parietal, much of right postfrontal, and other unidentified skull fragments.