Genus: Azendohsaurus DUTUIT, 1972 (nomen dubium)
= Azandohosaurus GALTON, 1978 (sic)
= Azandohsaurus DUTUIT, 1972 (sic)
Etymology: For the village of Azendoh, near the Fossil deposit in the Atlas Mountains region of Marrakech, Morocco and Greek, sauros, "lizard."

Species: laaroussi DUTUIT, 1972 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: In honor of M. Laaroussi, a technician at Service de la Carte Geologique du Marco, who discovered the specimen.

Holotype: Department of Palaeontology, Museum National d’Historie Naturelle, Maroc Trias Dutiut-XVI 1 (MNHN MTD-XVI 1)

Locality: Outcrop XVI, 1.5 km east of Azendoh, “Argana corridor’, Atlas, Marrakech Province, Morocco.

Horizon: Argana Formation, base of t5 level.

Biostratigraphy: Paleorhinus biocron.

Age: Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Dentary fragment with teeth.

Cotypes: MNHN-ALM 424-5, (MTD XVI 2), MNHN-ALM 424-4, (MTD XVI 3): 2 teeth.

MNHN ALM-508: Tooth.

Referred material:

GAUFFRE, 1993.

MNHN-ALM 351: A nearly complete left dentary visible in external aspect only.

MNHN-ALM 365-20: A right dentary visible in lingual aspect only and missing the ends.

MNHN-ALM 353, ALM 365-17, ALM 365-18: Dentary fragments.

MNHN-ALM 355-3: Left maxillary visible in lingual aspect only, and with the posterior region missing and with a damaged dorsal region of the dorsal process.

MNHN-ALM 365-21: Isolated right maxillary.

There are 14 fragments of dentary, including the above, but only 4 specimens can be examined from both sides. 8 Maxillary fragments have been recognized but only 1 is visible from both sides.


Disarticulated post-cranial remains, presacral vertebrae, elements of the pectoral and pelvic girdles, and elements of the forelimbs and hind limbs.
Note: Not dinosaurian?


MNHN-ALM 424-4, -5: 2 isolated teeth.

MNHN-ALM-353, 36-17, 365-18: Right maxillae.

MNHN-ALM 365-16: Right premaxilla.

MNHN-ALM 365-20: Right dentary.


Etymology: Name madagaskarensis, using the Malagasy spelling to emphasize the country of origin of this form and its geographical distinction from the closely related mainland African species.

Holotype: UA-7-20-99-653 (field number 7-20-88-653)

Locality: Drainage of the Malio River, Morondava Basin, southwestern Madagascar.
Note: Exact locality on file at the AMNH and FMNH.

Horizon: Basal 'Isalo II' of Besairie (1972), Makay Formation by Razafimbelo (1987).


Age: Late Middle or Early Late Triassic.

Material: A nearly complete skull and mandible with associated vertebrae.


FMNH PR 2751 (field number 8-30-98-376): Nearly complete disarticulated skull with associated with postcranial specmens, field numbers 8-28-98-298, 8-28-98-299, 8-29-98-328, and possibly 9-5-98-458.


UA-10603 (field number 8-29-97-178): A right maxilla with parts of at least 7 teeth and many more alveoli.

UA-10604 (field number 8-28-97-144): A left dentary with 14 aveoli.

UA-7-12-99-560: Right premaxilla.

UA-7-12-99-564: 2 midcervical vertebrae.

UA-7-13-99-570: Left maxilla.

UA-7-13-99-571: Right maxilla.

UA-7-13-99-576: Left femur, right femur, right ibia, right fibula, and pes elements.

UA-7-13-99-571: Right maxilla.

UA-7-15-99-592: Left radius.

UA-7-15-99-599: Distal caudal vertebrae, unguals, and rib heads.

UA-7-15-99-600: 11 articulated caudal vertebrae with chevrons, and 1 isolated caudal vertebra.

UA-7-16-99-614: Right premaxilla.

UA-7-16-99-619: Right peterygoid.

UA-7-16-99-620: Left humerus, pathologic interclavical, left?radius, ribs, ungual, and interclavicle.

UA-7-16-99-621: Dorsal rib.

UA-7-16-99-622: Right dentary.

UA 8-26-98-250: Middorsal vertebra.

UA-8-27-98-273: Right palatine.

UA-8-27-98-281: Tooth.

UA-8-27-98-292: Left scapual, partial left coracoid.

UA-8-28-97-138: Relatively small braincase lacking basipterygoids and parabasiphenoid region and distal ends of both paroccipital process.

UA-8-28-97-139: Left maxilla.

UA-8-28-97-140: Pterygoid with teeth.

UA-8-28-97-141: Posterior cervical vertebra, medidorsal vertebra, anterior caudal vertebra, metacarpal V, rib fragmetns, 2 articulated phalanges, right palatine, partial frontal and fragmetns.

UA-8-28-97-143: Proximal right ulna, poorly preserved humerus fragments, anterior caudal vertebra, partial squamosal and partial surangular.

UA-8-28-98-297: Rib.

UA-8-28-98-307: Left radius.

UA-8-29-97-152: Pterygoid with teeth.

UA-8-29-97-153: Left ulna, right radius.

UA-8-29-97-156: Right dentary.

UA-8-29-97-159: Left maxilla.

UA-8-29-97-169: 3 articulated anterior caudal vertebrae.

UA-8-25-98-213: Left humerus, and right ilium.

UA -8-29-98-325: Posterior dorsal vertebra.

UA-8-29-98-340: Left humerus.

UA-8-30-98-348: Left ulna.

UA-8-30-98-349: Posterior cervical vertebra.

UA-8-30-98-355: Ribs, and right cervical.

UA-9-5-98-447: Right vomer with teeth.

UA-9-5-98-448: Left iluim and fragments.

UA-9-5-98-449: Left coracoid, left ulna, left radius, adn left inteermedium.

UA-9-5-98-457: Left humerus, fragments, and right vomer.

UA-9-9-98-560: Right premaxilla, edentulous.

UA-9-5-98-497: Metacarpal, phalanx, and ungual.

UA-9-8-98-498: Left manus (carpals, metacarpals, phalanges, and unguals).

FMNH PR 2752 (field number 7-22-97-91): Left maxilla and other bones.

FMNH PR 2753 (field number 8-22-97-92): Several unprepared craniodental bones and isolated teeth.

FMNH PR 2753 (field number 8-22-97-92, UA-8-28-97-140, UA-8-29-97-92): Teeth.

FMNH PR 2754 (field number 8-28-97-147): Right dentary.

FMNH PR 2755 (field number 8-29-97-151): Braincase disarticulated from skull, missing distal end of the right paroccipital process and anterior end of cultriform process, associated with other cranial and postcranial bones.

FMNH PR 2756 (field number 8-29-97-160): Right maxilla.

FMNH PR 2757 (field number 8-29-97-171): Left dentary.

FMNH PR 2758 (field number 8-27-98-284): Right premaxilla.

FMNH PR 2759 (field number 8-28-98-300): Left dentary and other bones.

FMNH PR 2760 (field number 8-30-98-352): Left and right dentaries, and unprepared tooth-bearing skull elements.

FMNH PR 2760 (field number 8-30-98-352): Sampled denatry with alveoli for at least 16 teeth.

FMNH PR 2761 (field number 9-5-98-454): Tooth.

FMNH PR 2762 (field number 9-8-98-519): Vomer with teeth.

FMNH PR 2763 (field number 9-8-98-524): ?Vomer with teeth.

FMNH PR 2764 (field number 9-8-98-549): Right pterygoid with teeth.

FMNH PR 2765 (field number 7-15-99-597): Braincase, right pterygoid wiht teeth, right dentary, and some postcranial bones.

FMNH PR 2766 (field number 7-16-99-608): Unprepared tooth-bearing element.

FMNH PR 2767 (field number 7-16-99-612): Left premaxilla.

FMNH PR 2768 (field number 7-20-99-647: Maxilla, isolated teeth, and postcranial bones.

FMNH PR 2769 (field number 8-29-97-155): Left ulna.

FMNH PR 2770 (field number 8-29-97-165): Right tibia.

FMNH PR 2771 (field number 8-29-97-168): Right scapula, right coracoid.

FMNH PR 2772 (field number 8-29-97-172): Articulated distal caudal vertebrae with chevrons.

FMNH PR 2773 (field number 8-29-97-173): 2 articulated midcaudal vertebrae, with six chevrons.

FMNH RP 2774 (field number 8-29-97-174): 10 articulated mid- to distal caudal vertebrae.

FMNH PR 2775 (field number 8.25-98-220): Left ilium, partial right ischium, and anterior caudal vertebra.

FMNH PR 2776 (field number 8-25-98-231): Left tibia, and completely articulated pes.

FMNH PR 2777 (field number 8-25-98-239): Rigth ischium, and first sacral vertebra.

FMNH PR 2778 (field number 8-26-98-264): Anterior caudal, distal radius, 4 articulated midcaudal vertebrae, rib fragments and ribs.

FMNH PR 2779 (field number 8-26-98-265): Middorsal vertebra, and complete dorsal rib.

FMNH PR 2780 (field number 8-27-98-270): First sacral vertebra, and posterior dorsal vertebra.

FMNH PR 2781 (field number 8-27-98-271): Interclavicle.

FMNH PR 2782 (field number 8-27-98-285): Left tibia and fibula.

FMNH PR 2783 (field number 8-27-98-290): 3 articulated posterior cervical vertebrae.

FMNH PR 2784 (field number 8-27-98-291): 2 articulated midcervical vertebra.

FMNH PR 2785 (field number 8-28-98-293): Left nasal, left splenial, and fragmetns.

FMNH PR 2786 (field number 8-28-98-295): Right dentary, left tibia, left fibula, astagalus, calcaneum, distal tarsals, metatarsals I-IV, phalanges, unguals and other fragmetns.

FMNH PR 2787 (field number 8-28-98-295): Rigth ilium and articulated ischium.

FMNH PR 2788 (field nubmer 8-28-98-298): 3 articualted anterior cervical vertebrae and ribs.

FMNH PR 2789 (field number 8-28-98-299): Articulated dorsal vertebra with associated ribs.

FMNH PR 2790 (field number 8-28-98-303): Left ulna.

FMNH PR 2791 (field number 8-29-98-307): Anterior cervical vertebra.

FMNH PR 2792 (field number 8-29-98-328): Ribs.

FMNH PR 2793 (field number 8-29-98-334): Right ulna, right radius, and articulated porximal carpals.

FMNH PR 2794 (field number 8-30-98-375): Right femur, left islium, right ilium, left pubis, right pubis, left ischium, right ischium, second sacral vertebra, and posteriormost dorsal vertebra.

FMNH PR 2795 (field number 9-5-98451): Left clavicle.

FMNH PR 2796 (field number 9-5-98-458): Anterior caudal vertebra, and partial ungual.

FMNH PR 2797 (field number 9-5-98-459): Radius, ribs, ulnare, and carpals.

FMNH PR 2798 (field number 9-8-501): Left scapula.

FMNH PR 2799 (field nubmer 9-8-98-502): Left femur.

FMNH PR 2800 (field number 9-8-98-508): Right fibula.

FMNH PR 2801 (field number 98-98-509): Right tibia.

FMNH PR 2802 (field number 9-8-98-522): 3 unguals.

FMNH PR 2803 (field number 7-13-99-577): Left and right humerus, left coracoid, left ulna, and left radius.

FMNH PR 2804 (field number 7-13-99-578): Left ulna, left radius, manus, and left humerus.

FMNH PR 2805 (field number 7-13-99-583): Atlas/posterior cervical vertebrae and ribs.

FMNH PR 2806 (field number 7-15-99-598): Cervical rib.

FMNH PR 2807 (field number 7-16-99-607): Right ulna, right radius, articulated right manus (proximal and distal carpals, metacarpals, phalanges, and unguals), left metatarsal V, and 2 distal caudal vertebra.

FMNH PR 2808 (field nubmer 7-16-99-611): Left fibula. 

FMNH PR 2809 (field number 7-20-99-654): Anterior cervical vertebra, left coracoid, first sacral vertebra, posterior dorsal vertebra, midcaudal vertebral and cervical rib.

FMNH PR 2810 (field number (9-8-495): Atlas/axis.


UA-10603: Right maxilla.

UA-10604: Fragmentary dentary.

Numbers: Not given: Unprepared or incompletely prepared specimens, mostly isolated teeth, but also some cranial and gnathic remains, postcranal elements referable to this taxon-based on a china of overlap between several partial skeleton, including craniodental material of the holotype.