Genus: Cuyosuchus REIG, 1961
= Chigutisaurus RUSCONI, 1947 (Postcrainal)

Species: huenei REIG, 1961
= Chigutisaurus tunuyaensis RUSCONI, 1947 (postcranial)
Etymology: In honor of Fredrich von Huene.

Holotype: MCNAM 2669

Locality: Bajada de la Obligacion, Cerro Bayo Locality, North of Cerro Bayo, near old Carbonera Salas, 20 km. west of city of Mendoza, Mendoza Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Cacheuta Formation.


Age: Late Carnian-Early Norian Stage, Early-Middle Late Triassic.

Material: An incomplete postcranial skeleton including 26 vertebrae (cervical, dorsal, sacral and caudal), 4 dorsal ribs, both scapulae and coracoids, both humeri and radii, a left ulna, both pubes, a left? ischium, a left femur, and left tibia, both ilia, 12 ventral osteoderms, and unidentified fragments.