Genus: Czatkowiella BORSUK-BIALYNICKA & EVANS, 2009
Etymology: In reference to the type locality, Czatkowice 1 in southern Poland.

Species: harae BORSUK-BIALYNICKA & EVANS, 2009
Etymology: The species name reflects our gratitude to Ewa Hara, Institute of Paleontology, Warsaw, who has been responsible for most of the preparation of Czatkowice 1 remains.

Holotype: ZPAl RV/100

Locality: Limestone quarry, Czatkowice 1, Krakow Upland region, Poland.



Age: Latest Olenekian, Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Right maxilla with almost complete tooth row.

Referred material:

ZPAL R/5, 111 and several others: Premaxillae.

ZPAL RV/27: Left squamosal.

ZPAL RV/70, 71, 75, 76: Pterygoids.

ZPAL RV/101, 471, and numerous fragments: Maxillae.

ZPAL RV/106: Left dentary.

ZPAL RV/107: Left dentary.

ZPAL RV/113: Left jugal.

ZPAL RV/119: Left prootic.

ZPAL RV/120, 121, 461, 462: Prootic.

ZPAL RV/123: Supraocciptal.

ZPAL RV/159, 485, 518, 519, 753: Vomers.

ZPAL RV/166: Posterior fragment of the left surangular.

ZPAL RV/179-182, 432, 449: Opisthotic.

ZPAL RV/192: Small left quadrate.

ZPAL RV/202: Central part of the left palatine.

ZPAL RV/203: Central part of the left palatine.

ZPAL RV/221: Posterior dorsal vertebra.

ZPAL RV/224: Anterior part of a right lacrimal.

ZPAL RV/225: Posterior part of a right lacrimal.

ZPAL RV/284: Left postorbital.

ZPAL RV/334: Central part of the left pterygoid.

ZPAL RV/340-344, 480: Frontals.

ZPAL RV/342: Central part of a right frontal.

ZPAL RV/355: Left postorbital.

ZPAL RV/373, 367, 444: Parietals.

ZPAL RV/375: Left quadrate

ZPAL RV/377, 508, 1071-1074, 1084: Postorbitals.

ZPAL RV/410: Prefrontals.

ZPAL RV/430, 433, 999: Braincase.

ZPAL RV/432: Left prootic combied with opisthotic.

ZPAL RV/466: Left prefrontal.

ZPAL RV/486: Posterior fragment of the right surangular.

ZPAL RV/518: Anterior part of the right vomer.

ZPAL RV/519: Anterior part of the left vomer.

ZPAL RV/613: Anterior cervical rib.

ZPAL RV/615: Axis.

ZPAL RV/616: Mid-cervical vertebra with rib of a juvenile.

ZPAL RV/619: Dorsal vertebra.

ZPAL RV/18: Anterior dorsal vertebra.

ZPAL RV/724: Left parietal.

ZPAL RV/753: Posterior part of the right vomer.

ZPAL RV/820: Posterior part of a left parietal.

ZPAL RV/934, 1122: Right dorsal rib.

ZPAL RV/941, 943, 982, 994: Iliae.

ZPAL RV/994: Central part of a left frontal.

ZPAL RV/995: Left frontal.

ZPAL RV/997: Right palatine.

ZPAL RV/1051: Lacrimal.

ZPAL RV/1065: Left interparietal.

ZPAL RV/1072: Left postorbital.

ZPAL RV/1075: Right postfrontal.

ZPAL RV/1076: Supatemporal.

ZPAL RV/1100: Atlas intercentrum.

ZPAL RV/1112: Right dorsal rib.

ZPAL RV/1119: Posterior maxillary teeth.

ZPAL RV/1126: Fragment of a maxilla.

ZPAL RV/1146: Humerus.

Numbers: Not given: Numerous palatines.