Genus: Kalisuchus THULBORN, 1979

Species: rewanensis THULBORN, 1979

Holotype: QM F8998

Locality: The Crater locality, Rewan property, 11 km south of Rewan, about 72 Km southwest of Rolleston, (Field locality L78 in QM records), SE Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Lower beds of the upper part of the Rewan Formation, Mimosa Group.


Age: Early Triassic.
Note: According to LEES, 1986 ‘Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group, Greisbachian-Dienerian, Induan stage,-Olenekian stage, upper Scythian Epoch, Early Triassic.

Material: Right maxilla.

Referred material:

QM F9527: Symphysical portion of right mandible.

QM F9528: Articular portion of right mandible.

QM F9529: Cervical centrum.

QM F9530: Anterior portion of cervical centrum.

QM F9531: Anterior portion of cervical centrum.

QM F9532: Cervical centrum.

QM F9533: Posterior cervical centrum.

QM F9534: Dorsal centrum.

QM F9535: Anterior caudal vertebra.

QM F9536: Mid-caudal centrum.

QM F9537: Posterior caudal centrum.

QM F9538: Upper part of left scapula.

QM F9539: Distal portion of right humerus.

QM F9540: Distal portion of left radius.

QM F9541: Left radius.

QM F9542: Proximal portion of right pubis.

QM F9543: Left femur.

QM F9544: Left tibia.

QM F9545: Distal portion of left fibula.

QM F9546: Left calcaneum.

QM F9547: Coprolite.