Genus: Lazarussuchus HECHT,1992
Etymology: In reference to Lazarus, a biblical person who rose from the dead, and Greek, suchos, "crocodile." In reference to the long geological hiatus of the chrisodire linage.

Species: inexpectatus HECHT, 1992
Etymology: Latin, inexpectatus, "the unexpected."

Holotype: Claude Bernard University no. Re 437, coll. Gennevaux 92813

Locality: Armissan Quarry, Aude Department, France.



Age: Oligocene Epoch, Upper Paleogene Period, Upper Tertiary Subera, Middle Cenozoic.

Material: Skull and skeleton.


Species: dvoraki EVANS & KLEMBARA, 2005
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Zdenek Dvorak of the North Bohemian Mines, Bilina, Czech Republic, who discovered the material.

Hootype: National Museum, Prague, specimen Pb 1781

Locality: Opencast mine of merkurNorth near Chomutov, Czech Republic.



Age: Lower part of the Lower Miocene Epoch, Lower Neogene Period, Upper Tertiary Subera, Middle Cenozoic Era.

Material: Incomplete left parietal.

Referred material:

Ah 856 SGDB: Vertebra.

Ah 950 SGDB, Ah 1062 SGDB: Surangulars.

Ah 960-062 SGDB, Ah 9760977 SGDB, Ah 981 SGBD, Ah 1063 SGDB, Ah 1065 SGDB, Ah 1067 SGDB, Ah 1069 SGDB, Pb 1780: Dentaries.

Ah 966 SGDB: Quadratojugal.

Ah 975 SGDB, Ah 1064 SGDB, Ah 1068 SGBD, Pb 1778: Maxillae.

Ah 1004 SGDB: Parietal.

Ah 1006-1007 SGDB: Jugals.

Ah 1008 SGDB: Frontal.

Ah 1009 SGDB: Postorbitofrontal.

Ah 1060-1061 SGDB: Squamosals.

Ah 1066 SGDB: Prefrontal.