Genus: Ozimek DZIK, & SULEJ, 2016
Etymology: After the borough town Ozimek near the type locality, Upper Silesia, Poland.

Species: volans DZIK, & SULEJ, 2016
Etymology: Latin, volans, "flying."

Holotype: ZPAL AbIII/2512

Locality: Krasiejow near Ozimek, Upper Silesia, Poland.

Horizon: Lacustrine bed.


Age: Probably Late Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch,  Late Triassic.

Material: Skull and skeleton.

Referred material:

UOPB 1148: Cervials 5-8 in articulateion, fragmenary coracoids (?), femur, humeurs, and partial pes.

ZPAL AbIII/2012: Partial skeleton including a crushed skull, incomplete humeri, and parial radii, and ulnae.

ZPAL AbIII/2511: Nearly complete skeleton lacking skull.

ZPAL AbIII/3191: Disarticulated skull and nearly complete skeleton.

ZPAL AbIII/2051: Cervical 3.

ZPAL AbIII/2456: Cervical 6.

ZPAL AbIII/2499: Cervicals 7-9, and crused cervical found in proximity.

ZPAL AbIII/2528: Cervical 7 and 8 in articulateion.

ZPAL AbIII/3196: Cervical 4.

ZPAL AbIII/3192: Dorsal 1-4.

ZPAL AbIII/3202: Dorsal?

ZPAL AbIII/2026, 2028, 2033: Humerii.

ZPAL AbIII2459: Almost comlpete humerus with broken proximal head.

ZPAL AbIII/3193: Crushed humerus.

ZPAL AbIII/2027: Incomplete femur in articulation wiht incomplete tibia, fibula, and fragmentary gastralia.

ZPAL AbIII/2451: Distal part of femur.

ZPAL AbIII/2452, ZPAL AbIII/2458: Distal part of femur.

ZPAL AbIII/2530: Proximal part of femur.

ZPAL AbIII/3195: Amost complete femur.

ZPAL AbIII/3199: Distal part of femur.

ZPAL AbIII/3200: Proximal femur.

ZPAL AbIII/3203: Almost complete femur.

ZPAL AbIII/3201: Distal part of femur with well preserved head.

ZPAL AbIII/2525: Tibia, fibula and complete cervical rib.

ZPAL AbIII/2526: Tibia, fibula, and proximal part of tarsus.

ZPAL AbIII/2527: Complte broken tibia.