Genus: Rhynchosaurus OWEN, 1842
= Stenometopon BOULENGER, 1903 (partim)

Species: articeps OWEN, 1842
= Stenometopon talyori BOULENGER, 1903 (partim)

Lectotype: SHYMS 1 (old SHRBM G132/1982, formerly 'ShM 1')

Locality: Grinshill, north of Shrewsbury, Shropshire (SJ 520237), Warwickshire County, England.

Horizon: Tarporley Siltstone Formation.


Age: Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: Skull and skeleton.

Paralectotype: SHYMS 3 (old SHRBM G134/1982, formerly 'ShM 2'): Vertebrae, ribs, right scapula, coracoid and humerus.

Referred material:

SHRBM 3: Nearly complete skull and mandible, cervical and dorsal vertebrae, ribs, left coracoid, left arm, partial left hindlimb.

SHRBM G133/1982 = G151/1982 (formerly 'ShM 4'): Part and counterpart of a skeleton with cervical and dorsal vertebrae, ribs, gastralia, right scapula and forearm, parts of pelvis and both hindlimbs (no feet).

SHRBM 5: Partial skeleton in ventral view, gastralia, pelvis, parts of both hindlimbs, missing in 1983.

SHRBM 6: Partial skeleton in ventral view, jumbled dorsal vertebrae, ribs, and right hindlimbs.

SHRBM 7: Caudal vertebrae, part of the right ischium and head of right forelimb.

MANCH L7642: (skull and cervical vertebrae) and L7643 (Ribs).

SHRCM G07537-8: Two blocks containing 11-12 posterior dorsal, sacral and anterior caudal vertebrae.

SHRCM G3851: Series of 12-13 caudal vertebrae.

Keele University, unnumbered: Skull and partial skeleton embedded within three blocks, unprepared.

Keele University, unnumbered: Indeterminate bone fragments.

HUENE, 1908

Material: Fragmentary skull.


NHUMK PV (old BMNH) R1236: The cranium, imperfect posteriorly, with the symphysis and greater portion of the left ramus of the mandible.

NHUMK PV (old BMNH) R1237: Palatal aspect of skull.

NHUMK PV (old BMNH)  R1238: Partial postcranium that misses left forelimb and hindlimb and tail.

NHUMK PV (old BMNH) R1239: Part and counterpart that preserve impressions of the left hemimandible, gastralia, pectoral girdle, partial right forelimb, pelvic girdle and left hindlimb.

NHUMK PV (old BMNH)  R1240: 2 blocks with caudal vertebrae that fits with NHMUK PV R1241.

NHUMK PV (old BMNH) R1241: Imperfect limb.


BRLSI M20a, b: 2 blocks with dorsal adn cuadal vertebrae, dorsal ribs, gastralia, partial pelvic girdle and right hindlimb.

MANCH L7642: Skull and cervical vertebrae.

MACNCH L7643: Ribs.

Keele University, unnumbered: Skull and partial skeleton embedded within three unprepared blocks.