Genus: Shokawa EVANS & MANABE, 1998
Etymology: From the village of Shokawa, Gifu Prefecture, Honsu Island, Japan, near the fossil locality.

Species: ikoi EVANS & MANABE, 1998
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Ikoi Shibata, the collector of the fossil.

Holotype: IBEF VP 3

Locality: Stream section, KO2 Locality, Shokawa Village, 36°03’, 136°53’E, Gifu Prefecture, Honsu Island, Japan.

Horizon: Bone bed horizon in the Okurodani Formation, Tetori Group.


Age: Valanginian Stage, Lower Neocomian Subepoch, Lower Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: A postcranial skeleton.

Referred material:

IBEF VP 8: A right dentary.

IBEF VP 9: A left dentary.

IBEF VP 10: Right distal humerus.

IBEF VP 11: An isolated right radius.

IBEF VP 12: Articulated caudal vertebrae.

IBEF VP 13: Associated limb bone fragments including a partial femur.

IBEF VP 14: A caudal vertebra.

IBEF VP 15: A series of associated caudal vertebra.

IBEF VP 16 Associated hind limb (crus) and foot.

IBEF VP 200: A dorsal vertebra.


SBEG 044: Right dentary.