Genus: Acerosodontosaurus CURRIE, 1980

Species: piveteaui CURRIE, 1980
Etymology: In honor of Jean Piveteau (1899-1991).

Holotype: MNHN 1908-32-57a,b.

Locality: Exact locality not recorded, southern Madagascar.

Horizon: Lower Sakamena Formation.


Age: Late Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton.

After Currie, 1989.

Close up of skull and right manus (After Currie, 1989).

A) ilium and pubis in external view; B); ribs from left to right; cervical, anterior dorsal, 14th (?) presacral, 17th (?) presacral, 21st presacral, 23 presacral, 24th presacral, 1st sacral ribs, upper lower right, 1st sacral rib and lower right, lateral ventral scale; C) ventral view of right manus. (After Currie, 1989).

A), left humerus (dorsal view), radius (posterior view and ulna (posterir view); right ulna (anterior view) and radius (lateral view), right humerus (ventral view), radius (Medial view), and ulna in posterior views; B), Cervical vertebra in laterial view, anterior view of anterior dorsal vertebra, posterior view of anterior dorsal vertebra; C), Left femur in posterior view; D),left femur (anterior view), fibula and tibia; E), Cleithrum (?) in lateral and medial views; F) Posterior dorsal vertebra and intercentrum. (After Currie, 1989).