Genus: Askeptosaurus NOPCSA, 1925

Species: italicus NOPCSA, 1925
Etymology: In reference to Italy, the country of origin.

Holotype: MSNM V 3550 (Ex. Be I)

Locality: Milano, Lombardia Province, Italy.



Age: Late Triassic.

Material: Ilium, ribs, vertebrae, metatarsal.

Referred material:

MULLER, 2005

MSNM V456: Almost complete well preserved skeleton.

MSNM V3931: Slab and counterslab of a disarticulated skeleton, poorly preserved.

PIMUZ T 4831: Complete skeleton.

PIMUZ T 4832: Complete but disarticultated skeleton.

PIMUZ T 4839: Poorly preserved skeleton (Cava Tre Fontane).

PIMUZ T4842: Disarticulated skeleton.

PIMUZ T 4846: Complete skeleton.

PEYER, 1952

Ex. Be II: Skull and skeleton.

Ex. Be III: Fragmentary skull and disarticulated skeleton.

Ex. V. St: Skull.

Modified from Peyer.