Genus: Claudiosaurus CARROLL, 1981

Species: germaini CARROLL, 1981

Holotype: PM 1978-6-1

Locality: Near the village of Leoposa, Fianarantsoa Province , southwestern Madagascar.

Horizon: Sakamena Formation.


Age: Late Permian.

Material: Skeleton.

Referred material:

PM 1978-6-2: Partial skeleton.

PM 1925-5-102, 1909-3-13, 1925-5-90, 1909-3-43: Humerus.

PM 1909-3-25: Vertebrae, scapulocoracoid.

PM 1925-5-111: Femur.

PM 1925-5-120: Tibia.

PM 1925-5-85: Ulna.

PM 1910-33-1a: Skeleton.

PM 1909-3-37: Pelvis, sacral rib, scapulocoracoid, many other disarticulated elements.

CG 20/4: Skeleton in counterpart blocks.

CG 20/5: Most the skeleton, minus skull and cervical vertebrae in counterpart block.

CG 20/6: Counterpart blocks showing most of skeleton, including skull.

CG 20/7: Counterpart blocks, most of skeleton minus skull and cervical vertebrae.

CG 20/8: Counterpart blocks, most of skeleton minus skull and cervical vertebrae.

CG 20/9: Counterpart blocks including vertebrae and left rear foot.

CG 20/10: Counterpart blocks containing entire skeleton, surface of blocks badly weathered, skull shows little more than weathered surface of internal bones.

CG 20/11: Counterpart blocks showing trunk region.

CG 20/13: Trunk region, some of both girdles, weathered.

CG 20/16: Counterpart blocks of juvenile, most of skeleton except skull and cervical vertebrae.

CG 20/17: Counterpart blocks showing rear limbs, vertebrae and pelvic girdle.

CG 20/18: Piece of nodule showing carpus of medium-sized individual and disarticulated skull bones.

CG 20/19: 4 proximal caudal vertebrae.

PM 1911-18: Foot. No locality data.