Genus: Coartaredens SPENCER & STORRS, 2002
Etymology: Latin, coartare, "to pack together" and Latin, dens, "tooth"; alluding to the close packing of the anterior denatry teeth.

Species: isaacii SPENCER & STORRS, 2002
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Kevin P. Issac of Manor Farm House, Middle Barton, Oxfordshire, who supervised the original research on this material and significantly aided field work between 1982 and 1985.

Holotype: EXEMS 60/1985.154

Locality: Western end of Salcombe Hill Cliff, Sidmouth, East Devon County, England.

Horizon: Otter Sandstone Formation, Sherwood Sandstone Group.


Age: Anisian, Lower Middle Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: Right dentary.

Referred material:

BRSUG 26212: Partial right dentary.

EXEMS 60/1985.156: Left maxilla.
Note: Doubtfully referred.