Genus: Glaurung BULANOV, & SENNIKOV, 2015
Etymology: From the English Glaurung (name of a dragon ancestor after J. R. R. Tolkien).

Species: schneideri BULANOV, & SENNIKOV, 2015
Etymology: In honor of Thomas Schneider, who has found the type specimen.
= Coelurosauravus sp SCHAUMBERG, UNWIN, & BRANDT, 2007

Locality: Mansfield, Sachsen-Anhalt State, Germany.

Horizon: Werra Formation.


Age: Kupferschiefer, Irenian Supstage, Kungurian Stage, Uppermost Rotliegendes Epoch, Middle Permian.


Private collection of T. Schneider, a copy of the specimen is housed in the MBR 3610: Complete skull and nearly complete skeleton.