Genus: Horaffia KLEIN & HAGDORN, 2014
Etymology: After the nickname "Horaffen" of the Crailsheim citizens tht tates back to an eposited in the "Städtekreg" (War of the Cities) of 1449-1450.

Species: kugleri KLEIN & HAGDORN, 2014

Holotype: MHI 2112/5

Locality: Obersontheim-Ummenhofen, Schneider Quarry, Schwäbisch Hall County, Baden-Württemberg State, Germany.

Horizon: Muschalkalk-Keuper-Grenzbonebed, basal Erfurt Formation.


Age: Early Late Ladinian Stage, Late Mid Triassic, Late Middle Triassic.

Material: Humerus.

Referred material:

MHI 2112/1, 2112/2, 2112/4: Humeri.