Genus: Icarosaurus COLBERT, 1966
Etymology: In reference to Greek Mythology, Icarus, who was the son of Daedalus. Daedalus made wax and feather wings for himself and his son. He warned his son to fly from the island out to sea and not toward the sun. Icarus did not follow his father’s warning and flew to close to the sun. The wings melted, and Icarus fell to the sea and died (Graves, 1955). And Greek, sauros, “lizard.”

Species: siefkeri COLBERT, 1966
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Siefker, who first discovered the specimen.

Holotype: AMNH 2101

Locality: Former Belmont-Gurnee, or "Granton," Quarry immediately west of Tonnele Avenue and about opposite Hamilton Avenue, North Bergen County, New Jersey.

Horizon: Lockatong Formation, Newark Supergroup.


Age: Newark series, Late Carnian Stage, Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull missing premaxilla and some other parts of the skull, a complete skeleton lacking portion of tail, some ribs, left manus and lower lower segments of hind limbs.