Genus: Lanthanolania MODESTO & REISZ, (2002) 2003
Etymology: Greek, lanthanos, "forgotten, overlooked" and Latin, lanius, "butcher, ripper": The prefix refers to the fact that the holotype was originally accessioned into the collections of the PIN as a basal synapsid, and the suffix alludes to the presumed faunivory of this reptile.

Species: ivakhnenkoi MODESTO & REIZSZ, (2002) 2003
Etymology: In honor of M. F. Ivakhnenko for his contributions to the study of the early amniotes of Russia.

Holotype: PIN 162/56

Locality: Glyadnaya Shchel’ya locality, Mezenskii District, Arkhangelsk Region, European Russia.

Horizon: Krasnoshchel’ya Formation, Urzhumian Horizon.

Biostratigraphy: Mezen Faunal Assemblage.

Age: Lower Tatarian Age, Capitanian Stage, Middle Zechstein Epoch, Late Middle Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull and dentary.