Genus: Spinoequalis DEBRAGA & REISZ, 1995
Etymology: Latin, spina, “spine”, and Latin, aequalis, “symmetry”: Referring to the equal length of caudal neural and haemal spines.
= Spinoequalis DILKES & DEBRAGA, 1993 (nomen nudum)

Species: schultzi DEBRAGA & REISZ, 1995
= Spinoequalis schultzi DILKES & DEBRAGA, 1993 (nomen nudum)
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Hans-Peter Schultze, in recognition of his work on Paleozoic vertebrates.
= Gen. sp indet FOREMAN & MARTIN, 1988

Holotype: KUVP 12484

Locality: Hamilton Quarry Locality, ca. 2 mi East of Hamilton, sec. 8, T24S, R12E, Greenwood County, Kansas.

Horizon: Calhoun Shale, Topeka Limestone, Shawnee Group.


Age: Virgilian, upper Stephanian, Upper Silesian Series, Gzelian Epoch, Late Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous).

Material: A nearly complete, articulated, immature individual with a poorly persevered skull, missing he distal portion of the tail. The specimen was collected in three pieces: one containing the snout region, a second containing the rest of the skull and most of the body, and a third piece which contains the hindlimbs, pelvic region, and the preserved portion of tail.