Genus: Tamaulipasaurus CLARK & HERNANDEZ, 1994
Etymology: For the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, in which the holotype was discovered, and sauros, (Greek), lizard.

Species: morenoi CLARK & HERNANDEZ, 1994
Etymology: In honor of Sr. Fidencio Moreno, of Huizachal, Tamaulipas, for his gracious and amiable help in discovering and collecting fossils for this formation.

Holotype: IGM 6620

Locality: Western part of Dinosaur National Monument South, Huizachal Canyon, Tamaulipas State, Mexico.

Horizon: Lower part of the La Boca Formation.


Age: Early or Middle Jurassic.

Material: A nearly complete skull, missing the tip of rostrum, with articulated mandible and 8 articulated vertebrae.