Genus: Wapitisaurus BRINKMAN, 1988
Etymology: In reference to Wapiti Lake, British Columbia Province, Canada; a large lake about four kilometers north of the type locality.

Species: problematicus BRINKMAN, 1988
Etymology: Named for the taxonomic and anatomical problems raised by the type specimen.

Holotype: TMP 86.153.14

Locality: UTM 647,000 E., 6045000 N., Zone 10, map 93 I/10, Near Wapiti lake, British Columbia Province, Canada.

Horizon: Vega Phroso Member, Sulphur Mountain Formation.


Age: Griesbachian to Spathian in Stage, Upper Scythian Epoch, Late Early Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull and dentary.
Note: This may be a fish (Evans pers. com..)