Genus: Alcomonavis RAUHUT, TISCHLINGER, & FOTH, 2019
Etymology: Old Celtic name of the Altmühl River, which flows through the principal region in which the famous 'Solnhofen limestones' are exposed, and Latin, aves, "bird."

Species: poeschil RAUHUT, TISCHLINGER, & FOTH, 2019
Etymology: In honor of Roland Pöschl, who leads the excavations at the Schaudiberg and found the specimen.

Holotype: SNSB-BSPG 2017 l 133

Locality: Old Schöpfel Quarry, Schaudiberg, Mühlheim, close to Mörnsheim, Bavaria, Germany.

Horizon: Malm Zeta 3, Mörnsheim Formation, Solonhofen, Lithographic limestone.

Biostratigraphy: moernsheimensis ammonite horizon of the Hybonotum Zone.

Age: Early Tithonian Stage, Upper Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: An almost complete, partially disarticulated skeleton of the right wing.