Genus: Austinorins CLARKE, 2004
Etymology: In reference to Austin Chalk, the formation where it was found, and Latin, ornis, “bird”: Austin Chalk bird.

Species: lentus (MARSH, 1877) CLARKE, 2004
Etymology: Latin, lentus, “tough.”
= Graculavus lentus MARSH, 1877
= Ichthyornis lentus (MARSH, 1877) MARSH, 1880
= Pedioecetes phasianellus LINN (SHUFELDT, 1915)

Holotype: YPM 1796

Locality: Near Fort McKinney, Collin County, Texas.

Horizon: Austin Chalk.


Age: Middle Cretaceous.

Material: Lower half of the left tarso-metatarsal.

A) Plantar view; B) Dorsal view. After Clarke, 2004.