Genus: Enantiornis WALKER, 1981
Etymology: Greek, enantios, "opposite" and Greek, ornis, "bird": Opposite bird.

Species: leali WALKER, 1981
Etymology: In honor of J. C. Leal, who discovered the locality and helped in the collection of the material.

Holotype: No. 4035

Locality: 26°02’07”S, 65°19’57”W, Estancia El Brete, Department of Candlaria, Province of Salta, Argentina.

Horizon: Lecho Formation, Balbuena Subgroup, Salta Group.


Age: Maastrichtian Stage, Upper Senonian Subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Coracoid, scapula and humerus.
Note: Now lost.

Referred material:


PVL 4020: Imperfect left scapula and coracoid, complete but poorly preserved left humerus, imperfect left ulna, proximal portions of the right ulna and radius, right scapholunar, right cuneiform and distal imperfect right carpometacarpus with pollex (although this pollex is unfortunately lost).

PVL 4029: The caudal portion of the right coracoid.

PVL 4039, 4055: 2 complete scapulae.

Tentatively referred

PVL 4023: Proximal end of a right ulna.

PVL 4043: Proximal end of a left humerus.