Genus: Flexomornis TYKOSKI & FIORILLO, 2010
Etymology: Latin, flex, "bend, curve or turn," Greek, om, "shoulder" and Greek, ornis, "bird."
= Genus nova TYKOSKI & FIORILLO, 2007

Species: howei TYKOSKI &FIORILLO, 2010
Etymology: In honorof Kris Howe, the local fossil enthusiast who brought the site and its vertebrate fossils to our attention.

Holotype: DMNH 18137

Locality: Near Grapevine Lake Dam Spillway, northeast Tarrant County, Texas.

Horizon: Lewisville Member, Woodbine Formation.


Age: Middle Cenomanian Stage, Upper Gallic Subepoch, Lowermost Gulf Epoch, Middle Cretaceous.

Material: A right scapula misssing the tip of the acromion process.

Referred material:

DMNH 18137: Include a parital carpometacarpus, proximal tibia, and several indeterminate but avian-like bone fragments.