Genus: Gurilynia KUROCHKIN, 1999
Etymology: In reference to Gurileen Tsav, the site of the holotype, Ömnögov (South Gobi), Mongolia.

Species: nesovi KUROCHKIN, 1999
Etymology: In honor of Lev Nesov.
= Enantiornithes nova KUROCHKIN, 1995

Holotype: PIN 4499-12

Locality: Gurileen Tsav, Ömnögov (South Gobi), Mongolia.

Horizon: Nemegt Formation.


Age: Lower Maastrichtian Stage, Uppermost Senonian, Uppermost Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Proximal end of a right humerus.


PIN 4499-14: Distal end of left humerus.

PIN 4499-13. Shoulder end of the left coracoid.