Genus: Halimornis CHIAPPE, LAMB & ERICSON, 2002
Etymology: Greek, halimos, "belonging to the sea"; in allusion to the marine deposits in which the specimen was found, and Greek, ornis, ‘bird’.

Species: thompsonae emend CHIAPPE, LAMB & ERICSON, 2002
Etymology: In honor of Mrs. W. Thompson, the landlord of the area in which the specimen was found, in recognition of her many years of support of fossil collecting on her property.
= Halimornis thompsoni CHIAPPE, LAMB & ERICSON, 2002
= Genus: Nova LAMBE, CHIAPPE & ERICKSON, 1993

Holotype: D2K 035, UAMNH PV996.1.1

Locality: Agr-4, approximately 11 km west of Clinton, Greene County, Alabama.

Horizon: Unnamed lower member, Mooreville Chalk Formation.


Age: Early-Middle Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


D2K 035: Proximal end of the right humerus, the distal end of a right femur, 2 trunk vertebrae, 1 caudal vertebra, and the pygostyle.

UAMNH PV996.1.1: Shoulder half of the left scapula, a thoracic vertebral centrum, and a thoracic neural arch.