Genus: Janavis BENITO, KUO, WIDRIG, JAGET & FIELD, 2022
Etymology: Janavis from the Roman god Janus and Latin, avis, “bird”. In Roman mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings, endings and transitions, reflection transitional aspect of the morphology of Janavis (combining plesiomorphic features such as teeth with a neognath-like palate) as well as its temporal provinance (deriving from the uppermost Cretaceous, making it one of the youngest non-neornithine avialian fossils in the world).

Species: finalidens BENITO, KUO, WIDRIG, JAGET & FIELD, 2022
Etymology: Latin, finalis (adj), "ending or final" and Latin, dens, "teeth." Reflects the fact that the specimen is among the latest-known toothed avilians, which appear to have died out in the end-Cretaceous mass extinction shortly after Janavis lived.

Holotype: NHMM RD 271

Locality: CBR-Romontbos Quarry, Eben-Emale, Liege, Belgium.

Horizon: Valkenburg Member, Maastricht Formation.


Age: Late Maastrichtian Stage, latest Senonian Subepoch, latest Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Isolated tooth, complete left pterygoid, a patial pedal phalanx, 6 cervical and 4 thoracic vertebrae, 6 ribs, a left scapula, a nearly complete left humerus, a right manual phalanx II:1, a proximal fragment of the right femur and several undentifiable fragments.