Genus: Jiuquanornis WANG, O’CONNOR, LI & YOU, 2013
Etymology: The generic name "Jiuquan" is derived from the name of the city near the fossil locality, Kansu (Gansu) Province, China and Greek, ornis, “bird”.

Species: niui WANG, O’CONNOR, LI & YOU, 2013
Etymology: In honor of Professor Shao-Wu Niu, for his contribution to geological research in the Changma Basin.
= unnamed ornithuromorph YOU, ATTERHOLT, O'CONNOR, HARRIS, LAMANNA & LI, 2010

Holotype: GSGM-05-CM-021 (FRDC-05-CM-021)

Locality: Northwest of the village of Chenjiawan, Changma Prefecture,Yumen Municipality, Kansu (Gansu) Province, China.

Horizon: Middle Xiagou Formation.


Age: Aptian-Albian Stage, Middle Gallic Subepoch, Upper Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: A complete associated sternum and furcula, with sternal ribs and possible thoracic rib fragments.