Genus: Jurapteryx HOWGATE, 1985
Etymology: From Jura a common name for the Jurassic Alb where the specimen was discovered, and the name of the museum where the specimen is housed (also indicative of the Jurassic age of the Specimen) and Greek, pteryx, "wing."

Species: recurva (HOWGATE, 1984) HOWGATE, 1985 (Eichstatt specimen)
Etymology: Recurva in reference to the recurved teeth.
= Archaeopteryx recurva HOWGATE, 1984

Holotype: Jura Museum, Eichstätt

Locality: Petershohe, Workerzell just north of Eichstatt, Bayern (Bavaria) State, Germany.

Horizon: Upper Eichstätt Member, Altmühltal Formation (old Upper Lithographic (Solnhofen) Limestone, Malm Zeta 2b).


Age: Tithonian Stage, Upper Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.

Material: Skull and most of the skeleton, with feather impressions.
Note: This genus is in question (Chiappe pers com.)