Genus: Laornis MARSH, 1870
Etymology: Greek, laos, “stone” and Greek, ornis “bird”, “Fossil Bird.”
= Laopteryx KUROCHKIN, 1995 (sic)

Species: edwardsianus MARSH, 1870
Etymology: In honor of Alphonse Milne-Edwards, a paleontologist from Paris France, on his work on fossil birds and on his landmark study Recherches Anatomiques et Paleontologiques pour servir a l'Histoire des Oiseaux Fossiles de la France.

Holotype: YPM 820

Locality: Pits of Pemberton Marl Company, Birmingham, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Horizon: Basal Hornerstown Formation, Greensand, Rancocas Group.


Age: Late Maastrichtian Stage, uppermost Senonian subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Distal end of a right tibiotarsus.

Note: There is some debate on whether this formation is Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous or Danian, Early Paleocene.