Genus: Longchengornis HOU, 1997
Etymology: Longcheng (Dragon city) being pinyin romanization for the initial name of the city of Chaoyang, established in 341 AD. The nomenclature was sustained until its alteration to Chaoyang during the reign of Emperor Tianbao circa 742 AD. During this period the city represented the regional administrative, economic, and cultural center for the Northeast portion of China.

Species: sanyanensis HOU, 1997
Etymology: Sanyan (three Yan kingdoms) being pinyin romanization for this region of china during the period of the Sixteen Kingdoms circa 341 AD, represented by the Former Yan, later Yan, and Northern Yan kingdoms established by the Tungusic tribes of Manchuria and eastern Mongolia.

Holotype: IVPP 10530

Locality: Boluochi, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China.

Horizon: Horizon IV, Jiufotang Formation, Upper Jehol Group.

Biostratigraphy: Pistacosaurus fauna, Cathayornis-Chaoyanga Avifauna.

Age: Barremian Stage, Lower Gallic Subepoch, Lower Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary skeleton.